We are proud to specialise in the growth and nurture of Grenadian Moringa in the St Andrew district, where the volcanic soil and ideal climatic conditions produce fruit and vegetables with high nutrient profiles. Our competitive advantage is built on high quality and reliability. Few companies can boast of providing an agricultural product straight from the source, as growers and producers. Therefore, quality control is firmly in our own hands.

Leroy Tulloch
CEO / Founder

Also known as the “Moringa Man”, I take care of the operational aspects of our farm, taking full advantage of all business opportunities that come our way.

Rona Dixon-Bowden
Head of OPs/ Co-founder

I make sure the business runs smoothly on a day to day basis, ensuring the team are kept in the loop by steering and developing all operational decisions within the company in order for us to grow.

Li Zhenbiao

My main area is seeking out international business opportunities with China and with the Chinese health industry here in the UK.

Dayne Linx

I am the chief techie, responsible for the full stack IT infrastructure, website management and future business technical optimisations. 

Justin Oparah
Senior Sales Manager

I am the first point of contact in all matters relating to the wholesale sector. I manage, build and develop relationships with independent health outlets across London.

Eden Berhe
Production Supervisor

I supervise and organise production ensuring that all our products meet our strict quality control standards and reach you in the best condition.

Cynthia Franklin
Marketing and Promotions

I’m an in-house creative, specialising in Social Media, Events and production. I ensure you are kept up to date with all our activity on a daily and weekly basis.

Jennifer Reid
Finance Officer

I manage and organise orders and payments as well as prepare accounts and provide updates on available spend in areas that develop and grow the business.