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Moringa is still the it plant of 2018, but What do you do with it?

It’s totally okay to admit to ordering moringa powder after reading some article about its myriad benefits… and then letting it sit on your counter, next to various forgotten adaptogens and fermented protein powders, likewise untouched. Of course, you intended to put “the world’s most useful tree” to work. (It is more anti-inflammatory than turmeric and has […]

30 Amazing Benefits Of Moringa Plant For Skin, Hair And Health

Moringa plant is also known as ‘Sahijan’ or ‘Munaga’ in Hindi, ‘Mulaga’ in Telugu, ‘Murungai’ in Tamil, ‘Nugge Mara’ in Kannada, ‘Sigru’ in Malayalam, ‘Sujna’ in Marathi, ‘Sanjina’ in Punjabi and ‘Lal Sahinjano’ in Rajasthani. Let’s delve deep into the secrets of the moringa plant and identify the benefits. What Is Moringa Plant? The miracle […]