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High grade Moringa that is farmed in our very own rainforest that is grown in volcanic soil. The land in which our seeds grow is fertile which means that the land has not been farmed on. Fertile land means no contaminants, no pesticides, only good, clean sustainable farming. The soil is therefore naturally enriched with all the necessary nutrients to produce the most strongest and healthiest moringa trees.

Clean Farming Practices

Clean farming practices that make void the use of GM substances to ensure that you get the best possible product with the peace of mind that it hasn’t been pumped with chemicals to make it superficially something that it’s not. We ensure that our land is cared for and maintained by hand where possible. Every step has been taken to eliminate any occurrences of cross contamination.

Great Health Benefits

The World Health Organisation is currently conducting studies into Moringa as a solution to malnutrition in poor countries, but in the richer countries the demand as a superfood is increasing, particularly in China, the USA, UK, The Netherlands, Germany and Austria. Further to this there are numerous applications of the various plant parts, including cosmetic and pharmaceutical use and water purification

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As a regular gym goer and weight trainer, i drink Moringa Water everyday. I usually suffer from lactic acid build up around my biceps during my training sessions, this causes my muscles to cease up. I now can push more weights in smaller amount of time… I love that i have more endurance

B. Miller / Property Developer

Since drinking the water, I have felt more energised, I often have problems with my stomach, indigestion and trapped wind, but I have noticed after just one week of drinking the Moringa water, I am more regular to the bathroom. I love the taste of the water, I know exactly what i’m drinking!

J Dapaoh / Charity Founder

I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure, which my GP was slightly concerned about. Since taking part in the two week trial of taking three Moringa tablets a day and drinking the Moringa water, 1litre per day, i have noticed some significant changes to my body.

J. Green / Consultant

I’ve been taking the tablets and drinking the water for over four months now, and I absolutely love them! I can see what these are doing for me and hearing what my family is saying to me. The most significant change is to my skin.

C.Caton / Retired

The water is amazing, my high pressured job means I struggle to find time to eat at the right times, I constantly worry about my weight and my energy levels, but the water is changing everything! I’m off on my holidays soon, and i’m taking my supply with me!

C. Calliste / Barrister

I’m not really an avid water drinker, but this water was something else! Immediately you know that you are drinking something healthy. The scent of the moringa is so earthy, it tastes like a light herbal tea… and its clear!

A. Bailey / Head Chef

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